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Well, Praise The Lord my Friend 

Welcome to my website! I rejoice in the knowledge that God has crossed our paths today!   I  pray that He allows me to see how I can help and encourage you.

Your visit to my website is not by chance. Take the time to browse through the Radio page,  (you'll find 24 hour gospel radio links there). If you click on "Contact Us" you can order Sermons, HB's Music Worship Experience CDs, Request Preaching Engagements, E-mail questions or concerns, etc. This site will enable you to view my calendar, find out about the various organizations that I am involved with, and show your personal support to this ministry by sowing a financial seed. Thank you for taking out the time to visit. Please don't forget to sign the Guest book! The link is located at the very bottom of the page. Also Im on Facebook "Pastor Henry Black Jr"

Have fun & God Bless!

              -Pastor Henry Black

We welcome you to our services every 5th Sunday 7pm.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or needs.

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Covenant Keepers United Christian Fellowship

               We do not believe your visit to our Church was by chance, so we invite you to join with our church family as we worship, learn, grow, and encourage one another.  We pray that God opens our eyes to how we can encourage you and experience the blessings of your presence with us. 

                Jesus established the church to be a community of believers, a family to encourage each other in unity and to protect His love to the World.  As a family, our goal is to love each other without conditions or expectations.  We confess that we are unable to on our own, practice the unconditional love demonstrated by our father, we pray and desire that he empowers us to demonstrate His love to you and those around us.

                If you are searching for a group of people to accept you where you are and challenge you to grow in your reflection of God's love.  "Welcome" for that is our goal.  For those who call this home, we commit to pray, to listen with compassion, to forgive and to nurture.  We invite you to experience the power of our Father with us in worship, fellowship and growth, because This House is the perfect place to call home and the door is always open. 

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H.B. Ministries
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